Book 1 in The Niello Series
by Robyn Collins

Fourteen-year-old Bun Hare is on a mission. Armed with a photographic memory, a few mysterious clues, and plenty of determination, he is about to set off on an international journey to discover what happened to his biological mother. His only guidance comes in the form of an American passport, a birth certificate, and a Niello necklace inscribed with the code “MMA585.” Now, with his feisty best friend, Katie, by his side, he is ready to leave his home in New South Wales behind for an unforgettable trip to the United States, where he hopes for a happy reunion with the family he never knew existed.

The teens’ mission takes a dangerous turn, however, when they learn a powerful force is trying to stop them from discovering the truth. As soon as they land in New York, Bun and Katie find themselves facing unimaginable threats as they race to solve this fascinating mystery. As they travel from coast to coast, deciphering clues and facing danger at every turn, the true story behind Bun’s parents begins to come together—but will the pair reach their destination before it’s too late, or will they become victims of those who would rather keep the family’s secrets hidden? Find out in The Niello Necklace Mystery, the first book of the riveting new Niello Mysteries series.