Book 1 in The Giverny Mystery Series
by Robyn Collins

When Henry and Charlie Tremayne’s father is Disappeared by forces they do not understand, Charlie and Henry are forced to live in the family chateau in France with their evil Aunt Lavinia and her sinister husband, Maximilian. With the help of a magic ring and an old chronicle that suddenly appears in Charlie’s backpack, they begin to understand they have the power to save three people whose descendants will bring peace to the world. They soon find themselves in the centre of an epic fight between good and evil as Aunt Lavinia, Maximilian and other malevolent adversaries attempt everything in their power to weaken Charlie and Henry and ensure they will never be strong enough to save The Three.

One day Charlie and Henry find a secret tunnel and meet Scruffy, a dog with special powers. Scruffy leads them to the centre of the bridge in Monet’s Garden, and into a terrifying and life-changing adventure that takes them back in time and across countries. They must use all of their intelligence, courage and love to survive and fight to be reunited with their father, and save the world from evil.