We were at war and the once booming Australian film industry was floundering. Not only with the world’s first full length feature to our credit, we’d been producing an astounding 50 movies a year. Came the greedy ‘Australian Film Combine’, more interested in the money it could make from distribution than production, they allowed the US industry to bring ours to its knees.

Committed pioneers like Raymond Longford and Lottie Lyle, [The Sentimental Bloke and the Dad and Dave series] Ken Hall and Charles Chauvel [and others] struggled valiantly on, defying the odds, the Australian public thirsting to see themselves on the silver screen.

In this fictional account, we follow Martin Devereax and his family as they fight to make their own contribution to Australian films. The initial altruism in their idea of touring the outback is now replaced by necessity. Having trodden on the toes of Higginbottom of The Combine, they’ve burnt their bridges and must travel with one eye over their shoulders.

Little did they know, with the harsh Australian environment, Higginbottom would be the least of their worries.