A fascinating way to see how a country town works. Jock Hathaway, a recently retired post master, his mind a whirr at the wonder of life's many mysteries, is never idle. Those around him can only watch in various degrees of bemusement. As we follow him on his latest venture we meet many of the town folk and begin to see what makes a rural community tick. Unnervingly, the name of Bernie Ellis, the unscrupulous mayor, keeps cropping up.

An inveterate handyman, always ready to serve those in need, particularly the ladies, he must also tend to the wishes of the wife's belligerent hospital-bound brother. All this, and managing his new scheme, is becoming a nightmare.

Jock's stoic wife, usually one step ahead of her wayward husband, but not always, waits in trepidation. Her husband has had a few too many close shaves of late and the local coppers appear to be paying him more attention than usual. Now there's a mysterious death, with not only doubt about the culprit, but the victim as well.

Jock's scheme begins to lose impetus as he piles one responsibility upon another (so what's new?) as he heads chaotically toward the climax. Strangely, kettles appear to play an important role.

Oh, and by the way, have I mentioned the son-in-law?