Tony has been a school teacher, deputy principal and principal, and consultant to Independent School Boards since 1968. Since the early 1960s he has been a committed writer in the poetic genre. Since formal retirement as a principal he has lived on the south coast of Western Australia and been an olive farmer and producer of several gold medal winning oils at a state level. He has also been a volunteer bushfire fire fighter, and a self-funded volunteer educator working with Tibetans in the north of India for more than a decade. From this last scenario, his book High Hopes, was published by the Library of Tibetan Works and was launched in Dharamsala in India in August of 2016. He has a long history as a recognized writer of poetry and has had poems published widely in Australian literary journals, newspapers and broadcast on the ABC. He has had several books of poetry published in his name. His commitment to the ecological world around him and to issues pastorale and pastoral has been the force majeure in his writing. He believes that in many respects education fails to foster the natural creativity of the young people in its care.