Robyn Collins writes children's adventure stories for boys and girls aged 8-12 year olds and thinks she may just have the best job in the world.

She has written two series: The two-book Niello Necklace series; and four books in The Entwhistle Experiment series.

Her latest book The Giverny Mystery is due for release early in 2018.

Robyn was brought up in a small country town in South Australia but has spent most of her adult life in cities. She now lives in Melbourne, Australia. She has always written stories but took a long time before she began writing seriously. In between time she embarked on adventures, working in South Australia, Papua New Guinea, the Northern Territory, Indonesia and Queensland and travelling to her favourite places with her family. She has been an English teacher, school principal and consultant and now edits a national magazine for school principals.

She is a prolific reader and says she simply couldn't live without books.

Robyn Collin’s new book, due for release next year: The Giverny Mystery:

What would you do if you found you had the power to bring peace to the world for 1000 years but it might cost you your life?

When Henry and Charlie Tremayne’s father is Disappeared by forces they know nothing about, Charlie and Henry are forced to live in the family chateau in France with their evil Aunt Lavinia and her sinister husband, Maximilian. They soon find themselves in the centre of a fight between good and evil and realise Aunt Lavinia and Maximilian will do anything to stop them saving The Three who have the power to change the future.

One day they find a secret tunnel that takes them to the bridge in Monet’s Garden, and into a terrifying and life-changing adventure.