Howard Birnstihl, art teacher come photographer turned writer is prolific with both camera and pen. Recording Australian life in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, as well as mounting numerous exhibitions he has supplied Australian publishing with photographic illustration for even longer, his unique unobtrusive sociological studies have graced thousands of books and magazines, including many of his own. Turning to writing articles on nature (another passion), architecture and film, he now is a writer of novels, the wide subject range reflecting his diverse interests.

One of the pioneers of film teaching in Australian high schools, his fascination with movies is borne out in his two first major novels, The Colour of Film Noir where he has uncovered a secret colour coding used in mainstream movies and television, completely unobserved by the public, and Heroine, a fascinating look at the early pioneers of the Australian film industry seen through the eyes of a family who not only decide to shoot their own movie but set out to travel the backblocks to share their love of the art form with the people of the bush.

Always with tongue in cheek, his work contains an underlying sense of humour, even when things become grim, as they often do in his thrillers. Always a good yarn, always a good read.

Lately he has teamed up with the internationally published Tony London whose poems uncannily reflect his own sense of wonder and irony at the world around him, particularly as seen in Australia.