Alan Pearson, an Art teacher and cartoonist lived in South Gippsland for 30 years, and is a person whose love of fishing and sailing saw him develop a deep affection for life in and around Wilsons Promontory and the Nooramunga Inlet in South Gippsland. His love of both local history and the world of sailing come together in his wonderful book, Benito’s Treasure.

He has produced and illustrated books by local fisherman Henry Clarke, his own history of Port Albert, and a series of books and cartoons about the people and places of the local area.

A wicked sense of humour shines through in every drawing of this talented man.

Right from his days in high school where he astounded his peers with the advanced style and technique of his cartoons, Alan has continued to delight the public with his creative drawings. Front pages of country newspapers leapt off the stands thanks to his work and he has lately been delving into the unheralded history of pirates in Australia. His first major children’s book, Benito, illustrates this theme.